Do Advertising Sales Reps have your Best Interests in Mind?

Welcome to my first post!  I am beginning a new venture and I finally feel like I’m on the right side of the advertising coin.  I no longer sell one particular media to my clients.  Rather, I help them determine which are the right vehicles to reach their marketing and sales goals and then I make sure they get the best rates and schedules.

Do Advertising Sales Reps really have a client’s (and their business) best interests in mind?  Having worked as a Sales Representative in Print, Broadcast and Digital for the past 11 years, I have a pretty good idea!  The answer is; Advertising Sales Reps want to have their client’s best interests in mind, however their limitations within the one media stream they offer doesn’t allow them to.

As a business owner, the number of people approaching you to try and sell you advertising is exhausting, time consuming, and down right irritating.  Even more frustrating, is the fact that they are really just trying to take a piece of the pie from the other guy.  Meanwhile,  that other guy might have offered you the perfect spot on the morning show at a great rate, that just happens to hit your exact target market with a very effective message.   If you’re not media/marketing savvy, you might just buy what this new guy is selling and move your budget into the wrong advertising venues.  This is an all too common occurrence with busy owners who just don’t have the time research each and every media avenue available and assess if it’s really a good investment for them.

This all goes back to each and every one of those Sales Representatives calling, emailing, knocking down your door, only being able to offer you their one media steam (or it’s digital counterpart); which is not in your best interests in terms of media buying.

In walks the Media Planner…someone who can take an unbiased look at your objectives and budget and has insider knowledge of all the Media Buying options available.  Not only can the Media Planner save their clients a tremendous amount of time researching all the effective options, they can also negotiate the best rates.

All I can say as I close this entry is: AT LAST!  I can finally take all my client’s BEST interests into account and book the MOST effective advertising at the LOWEST rate, without limitations. Win/win!



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